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    Dongguan city (FengSheng) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of golf bags, golf gloves, golf gloves, golf umbrellas and related accessories manufacturers and suppliers. Since the company was founded in 2001, we provide a one-stop procurement of golf products and services to customers and brands around the world, and from the design, production, product inspection to assist sales and other services.

    Proficiency brings benefits, quality comes from rigorous.

    We are committed to the pursuit of excellent product quality and quality service. We can in the professional for customers to design novel, conforms to the market effect of the products show the level of professional and technical, and strict product quality control in paid to the spirit of dedication, and win a good reputation and the vast majority of customers including international chain stores, importer and wholesaler, golf club and the world's major brands such as trust.

    Bound for the following. We will continue to carry forward the positive work attitude and good service attitude style. And has been the support of business partners, to the most heartfelt thanks! At the same time, sincerely invite the enthusiasm of the community business partners to join!


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