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  • Thirty years of China golf development history, like sitting roller coaster, ups and downs, fate always lies in the hands of the era of beach goers According to the 2013 Golf white paper statistics show towards, the developme
  • Integrity, self-discipline, for others sake, taking the opportunity of the core of the golf culture, from the Sixteenth Century Golf in the ancient origin of St Andrews, follow the sport together spread to global, and was the
  • Beijing on December 29, the national sports of the Secretary for the meeting on December 29, opening, Liu Peng, the Secretary of the State Sports General Administration in his speech referred to the State Sports General Adminis
  • The world& 39;s top golf simulator equipment to market in China This means that China is definitely to be development of indoor golf, and development prospect is good Here we have to analyze why indoor golf so popular Golf i
  • To make a good golf simulator, you have to learn some key knowledge Many people only know that golf simulation correct grip rod, body posture, the position of the ball and the alignment of the body state affected the quality
  • Golf simulator is applied in the room, it has the advantage of the application of the following points:1, the application of golf simulator in the teaching of a significant effectSince golf simulator introduction of Dongguan Cit
  • Study of indoor golf ball collecting knowledge as follows:When you are in the indoor golf trying to by adjusting the swing and stance even grip movements to hit fly ball to draw and right cannot avoid facing some problems, s
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